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Noticias de guion

Sigue abierta la convocatoria para el concurso de Guiones en inglés Son of the Pitch


En el marco del Screenwriters Festival, este concurso lleva tiempo otorgando grandes oportunidades a sus ganadores. Su convocatoria seguirá abierta hasta el 14 de noviembre.

We have, due to requests, extended the deadline for this sort after SWF pitch competition. You now have an extra 14 days aka 336 hours aka 20,160 minutes aka 1,209,600 seconds to get one, or more, of your 100's of ideas down into a 25 words or less pitch and 150 words or less synopsis.

Ten lucky finalists will be chosen to come to the SWF'09 for free, where they will receive a crash course in the art of pitching courtesy of leading agent Julian Friedmann. Each of the ten finalists will then take to the main stage and 'wow' the festival delegates - and a panel of terribly serious dragon-like judges who will proceed to quiz you on the strengths and weaknesses of your idea. Simple as that. Of the ten... three will win (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) all of which will receive a bag of screenwriting related goodies on the night, but the real prize is the exposure that this event bestows on all ten of its selected pitchers. A meeting with Channel 4 development is one thing that happens and others previously have had meetings and have been optioned at the Festival by companies such as Hammer Films, Red Planet Productions to name but a few.

Last year we had over 1,600 entries and the overall winner was Martin Gunn (for his comedy about old age pensioner superheroes in ‘OAPower').

All the finalists from last year have just this week, 27/10/08, embarked on interviews with Film4/Channel 4 executives and have been able to not only pitch their idea from the Festival, but any other ideas they have rattling around in their skulls or buried in shoe boxes under the bed beside that furry thing that used to be an apple core....

As stated at the top of this e-mail, the competition, in association with 4Talent, will now run until 17.00pm (GMT) on Friday 14th November 2008.

For further information, rules and regulations, e-mail us at: pitch@screenwritersfestival.com

Web: http://www.screenwritersfestival.com/son-of-the-pitch.php




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