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We are excited by the impressive group of Delegates who have already signed up for Transmedia Next and hope you can join us there too.

abcguionistas has negotiated a 20% discount off the regular price of £850 for its members. You must reference your membership when registering to take advantage of this exclusive offer, the reduced rate is £680.

Seize the Media, the global transmedia production company, will play host to the first truly
immersive transmedia training event in Europe this September. A fusion of hands-on
workshop and high-level executive briefing, Transmedia Next, takes training for media
professionals to the next level.

Prior to the event, participants will receive clues about what lies ahead, but only when they
arrive at the venue will they be taken fully inside the world of transmedia, by actually
entering a transmedia experience.

Transmedia encompasses a range of story forms including stories with multiple strands
that take place across diverse media platforms, including film, television, internet and
mobile devices as well as live events and "real world" game play. The distinguishing feature
of transmedia is that all plot lines and media presentations are designed to flow within a
single, integrated storyworld, often with an emphasis on audience participation.

Transmedia Next is designed to enable media executives and practitioners alike to
compete in a global market that is increasingly driven by quality stories told over multiple
platforms. Transmedia Next will gather delegates from traditional media, new media and
social media in a single room to demystify the concepts associated with cross-platform
content and provide the tools to extend your projects into the transmedia domain.

Top instructors, including Lance Weiler, Anita Ondine and Inga von Staden will coach you
in how to develop, write, produce and distribute fully integrated transmedia properties.

Transmedia Next takes place in London 8-10 September 2010 and is brought to you by
Seize the Media with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union. Places
are strictly limited to 60 participants from across Europe.

Seize the Media has created and deployed transmedia story architectures and
applications for clients such as MySpace, Hammer Films, eBay, Ubisoft, CAA, and Droga
5. In addition, Seize the Media has developed and executed several original media
properties and is currently in development on a global transmedia program called
Pandemic, which complements the feature film H.i.M.


Press/Event: Linde Krutzke at linde@seizethemedia.com or Tel +44 (0)20 755 88 589
Seize the Media: Anita Ondine at anita@seizethemedia.com or Tel: +44 (0)7968475055

Transmedia Next www.transmedianext.com Seize the Media www.seizethemedia.com

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